Global education – how to connect Asia and CEE? An online conference held at the University of Warsaw

China, as the growing superpower, has several well established higher education institutions with high influence on the global education market. The significance of Chinese universities and their international reputation (represented i.a. in international rankings) is spreading year after year. Meanwhile, higher education institutions from the CEE region, often dating back to the medieval, renaissance and enlightenment eras are striving to re-establish themselves on the global education market after opening to the West in the 1990s. While offering high-quality programmes of learning and increasingly good conditions for study and research, the influence and position of the CEE Universities still require growth. A common mechanism of achieving such is through cooperation with foreign, well-established institutions and adoption of best practices and it requires effective communication and exchange of modes of operation.

The Global education – how to connect Asia and CEE? conference, held at the University of Warsaw in March 2021, was one of the forums of communication and exchange of practices in terms of the advancement of internationalisation of higher education, through disseminating expert knowledge among participants about global trends in education and international cooperation of universities from Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. 5 main panellists, established members of academia with experience in the management of studies gathered around the globe, discussed the issue of globalisation in education. The post-COVID World will be more digitalized than ever – we now know there will be no coming back to the old classrooms and lecture halls. This might be a significant chance to globalise education, as there already is a substantial easement to studying abroad – no need to move anywhere from home.

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