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Warsaw-Beijing Forum

About the project

Warsaw-Beijing Forum: Youth for Business is a project organized by the Students’ Organization for Law and Economy of China established at the University of Warsaw, in direct cooperation with the China University of Political Science and Law. The Forum’s aim is to establish a lasting relationship of exchanging ideas between Polish and Chinese students. It strives to achieve that by organizing conferences and meetings, both in Warsaw and in Beijing, during which young professionals attend series of lectures, workshops, and meetings held by acknowledged experts that give them the unique opportunity to learn from those renowned specialists.

The Forum’s objective is to promote entrepreneurship, mobility, and international cooperation between students from Poland and China. The initiative is intended to widen their horizons and broaden their knowledge with regards to commercial, legal, academic, and cultural aspects of Polish-Chinese relations. Last but not least, the Forum is a place where many long-lasting bonds of sincere friendship are born every year.

An ambitious initiative

Warsaw Beijing Forum: Youth for Business is the biggest students’ project concerning China, yet it still constantly expands and improves, year by year. It is a vital part of the Polish-Chinese relations and helps to shape future cooperation between those two countries.

Since 2013, the project has already had five successful editions. It has attracted a great number of partners and sponsors, such as global law firms, international corporations, and governmental institutions.

During the meetings and workshops organized by KGHM, ICBC, PWC, Clifford Chance, and many others, the participants had plenty of opportunities to gain insight into the business world and discuss ways of working towards thriving enterprise.

The project is also focused also on the academic aspect. Participants attend lectures delivered by scholars, scientists, researchers and experts on Poland, China, and their mutual relations. For example, in 2017 the project organised a conference about the legal aspects of the commercial exchange between Poland and China. Moreover, it cooperates closely with the Polish Research Centre for Law and Economy of China.

The Forum helps to promote Poland in China, overcome any prejudices, and bring the two countries closer together. Via numerous interactions with fellow participants, sponsors and throughout the whole process of project preparation members develop a unique skillset, much welcomed in the current job market. The project also offers them a chance to discover Chinese rich culture along with the country’s fascinating history and to behold China’s astonishing beauty with their very own eyes.