The Legal Protections and Issues for Freight Workers in China by prof. Yan Dong

On January 16th 2017 prof. Yan Dong from School of Law Beijing Foreign Studies University delivered a lecture on Chinese working regulations for foreigners. Prof. Yan is the very first visiting scholar hosted by the Polish Research Centre for Law and Economy of China.

Yan Dong received his doctoral degree from the University of Warwick and currently acts as an Associate Professor in the Law School of Beijing Foreign Study University. Yan Dong is very active in studying and improving the actual implementation of labour laws and regulations in China. He has gradually extended his interest to a broad range of legal subjects, including environmental protection laws, taxation, anti-trust and international investment laws, during his teaching and research. In recent years, he has developed his interest into international investment law, particularly the legal risks relating Chinese business going abroad. He is invited by Ministry of Commerce (MoC) and State-owned Asset Supervision and Administration Commission of the state council (SASAC) as an adviser to draft guidelines for Chinese outboard investments. Prof Yan constantly advises Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security (MoHRSS) on the labour and custom sector in the process of China-U.S. Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT). After drawing the experiences from practice, he delivered a series of reports and articles for many leading institutions and journals in the field of international investment law and labour law. Yan Dong is a member of Chinese Bar Association and has practiced in a leading law firm since 2014. He has advised a number of multinational and state-owned enterprises for their employment, business and taxation matters. He has often offered his pro bono service to assist workers in their labour arbitration and litigation cases.