Call for papers: Discovering new models of China-Europe cooperation on connectivity

We have a great pleasure to launch a new open-access e-journal, established by the Polish Research Centre for Chinese Law and Economy at the University of Warsaw. The idea of the e-journal is to bring together the researchers in both law and social sciences (economics, political economy, public policy), and to cover important China-related topics from those different angles. It’s a free, open access platform, aimed at spreading ideas.

We now start the call for papers for the first special issue, dedicated to the CEE experiences with China-Europe cooperation on connectivity. We initially wanted to focus solely on infrastructure, but after the initial feedback decided to expand the scope to connectivity in a broader sense, including trade facilitation, transports, energy, digital connectivity etc.  The main idea is to discuss whether the assessment of CEE experiences on connectivity cooperation with China can contribute to the broader, global debate (as well as the European one) on the topic.

As for the technicalities, at this stage we expect an abstract submission (the extended deadline is Oct 15th) and then the editorial team will pick up to 8 contributions. The final papers are to be relatively short (40 000 chars), to be submitted in February 2020. Thanks to the grant conditions, we can provide a small remuneration of 180 EUR and will also do the final English proofreading.

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