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I China-Europe Relations, 21.10.2023

II Chinese Political System, 25.11.2023

III Chinese Legal System and Constitutional Law, 9.12.2023

IV Digital China, 20.01.2024 

V 24.02.2024 IP Rights and  Renewable Energy  Law in China

VI 16.03.2024 Smart Courts and Ecologization of Chinese Civil Code

VII 20.04.2024 Dual-Class Share Structures and Weighted Voting Rights in China

VIII 18.05.2024

IX 8.06.2024

Admission requirements

Course is designed for current students of all years as well as university graduates. This well-tailored program is created for candidates coming in with legal, business, international relations and political science backgrounds.

  • Recommended English language skills: B2. The candidates are not required to provide a language certificate.
  • Legal knowledge is not required for the course. Legal background will be an additional advantage.
  • Knowledge of Chinese is not required for the course.
  • Experience related to China is regarded as desired but not obligatory.

How to apply?

Send us your application to the e-mail address: or

Fill in the application form available via Google Forms 

If you are unable to access Google Forms, please click here to download the .docx file. Fill in the document and send it signed and scanned to

Tuition fees

One-year course Fee
Fee for students 1500 PLN / semester (3000 PLN / year)
Fee for PhD students 1900 PLN / semester (3800 PLN / year)
Fee for professionals (non-students) 2500 PLN / semester (5000 / year)


A single module Fee
Fee for students 400 PLN
Fee for PhD students 500 PLN
Fee for professionals (non-students) 650 PLN


Upon request the School may issue an invoice (before the payment of the fee). 

The School does not offer scholarships. Participants of the School might apply for an interest-free loan supported by the Polish government. Upon graduation students granted such loans might be subjected to a 25% discount. For more details, please visit

The application process


Prepare and send your application

Fill in the application form available here or print the form, sign it, scan it and send us via email.


Interested in a single module?

In case of applying for a single module, the tuition fee should be paid right after receiving confirmation of admission.


Wait for the admission decision

Wait one week for the decision on admission.


Pay the tuition fee

Pay the tuition fee in total or the first installment within 14 days from receiving the admission letter.